Under the operation of the four committees, the following functions of a connector will be realized, offering service and guarantee for the technology transformation.◆Match information with distribution channels◆Match products with certain type of marke◆ Match business with concrete projects◆ Match technologies with clinical needs◆ Match academic exchanges with applications◆ Match capital with innovation◆ Match humanism with transformation◆ Match cooperation with development
Match precisely and efficiently the medicalinnovation technologies of SMEs of both countries (also from other countries) with a certain type of market and channels;Bringtogether medical experts and high-level scientific elites, organize high-level academic exchanges and cultural integration with a focus on key needs and cutting-edge topics, tell more good Sino-French medical stories, encourage more scientists to innovate; promote the successful transformation of a batch of scientific research results every year;Leadand drive the technology transformation into the clinic from the apogeeof ideological science; Encourage cross-border cooperation and collaborative innovation, guide and help the development of scientific and technological enterprises based on clinical needs;Theplatform will bri...
The platform provides a high-quality, low-cost, friendly, convenient and comfortable work environment, as wellas cultural networking activities and high-level conferences. The high-definition videoconferencing system and the simultaneous interpretation system provide professional services for scientific exchanges between the two countries (also with other countries), betweendoctors and business discussions.Provideflexible, convenient and diversified “enterprise inn' services to all types of French or Chinese (unlimited) SMEs in the medical sector; provide a calm and comfortable environment and high quality service for member companies who encourage brainstorming and self-learning.