The platform is equipped with high-end software and hardware facilities, and comprehensive services. It can be divided into several zones according to the theme and the function, each adjacent zone can also be combined and configured with a lot of flexibility.Equipped with an advanced videoconferencing system and a multifunctional space, the platform is ideal for business negotiations, brainstorming and staff training. The spacious hall can also be used for the coffee break. Each zone is equipped with French plasma disinfection equipment to guarantee air quality and to provide a safe and clean environment.The shared space provides 32 office seats, 27 temporary office seats, 8 private offices with good privacy (two kinds, 6.5m² and 9m²), and office suites for the team of...
Capacity: ≤ 24,Price: Start from¥8200, (depends on actual situation)Multi-functional meeting rooms can be served for multilateral meetings, teleconferences, business signing ceremonies; advanced video systems and simultaneous translation systems can provide multiple services for all types of meetings. Furniture and meeting equipment can be placed as required.It can provide venue services such as cocktail parties, cold meals parties, western banquets, or customize the elegant and tasty arrangement according to customer's needs.
Capacity: ≤ 48,Price: Start from¥8200, (depends on actual situation)
Capacity: ≤ 24,Price: Start from¥8200, (depends on actual situation)The vaulted, European-style banquet hall with 7-meter-high is ideal for cocktail parties. It can accommodate up to 100 guests with professional service and will present a high-end, atmospheric and stylish reception, which will satisfy the hosts and guests.
Capacity: ≤ 100,Price: Start from¥8200, (depends on actual situation)
Capacity: ≤ 10,Price: Start from¥8200, (depends on actual situation)During the intense meeting, meals and coffee breaks can be flexibly arranged according to the agenda of the meeting for saving time and increasing efficiency, making it possible to have a diverse and high-quality meeting.
Capacity: ≤ 24,Price: Start from¥8200, (depends on actual situation)
Capacity: ≤ 80,Price: Start from¥8200, (depends on actual situation)It can hold various types of high-end academic conferences (peak forums, seminars, user exchanges meetings, etc.), theater style (accommodating 150 people), desk style (can accommodate 100 people).
Telephone booths: in order to ensure the tranquility of the shared space, three special telephone booths provide humanized services.