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Date of listing: 2019-05-14

Match precisely and efficiently the medical innovation technologies of SMEs of both countries (also from other countries) with a certain type of market and channels;

Bring together medical experts and high-level scientific elites, organize high-level academic exchanges and cultural integration with a focus on key needs and cutting-edge topics, tell more good Sino-French medical stories, encourage more scientists to innovate; promote the successful transformation of a batch of scientific research results every year;

Lead and drive the technology transformation into the clinic from the apogee of ideological science; Encourage cross-border cooperation and collaborative innovation, guide and help the development of scientific and technological enterprises based on clinical needs;

The platform will bring together like-minded partners, integrate resources (people, networks, funds), optimize portfolios, build strengths and avoid weaknesses (respecting professionalism and rules) and work together, provide society richer and better medical technology products and services (not available online).

Good liquidity also offers the possibility of diversified cooperation between SMEs, thus the pressure that a company cannot bear is easily solved under the synergy of the platform, providing a window of composite investment opportunities and presenting opportunities and diversified options for capital investment. The vitality and growth of enterprises will be constantly presented.

Introduction: When the four functional committees evaluate a product or a technology, they make sure to look at the perspective, advantage, innovation, exclusivity, liquidity, rationality, growth, future, safety, and the feasibility from three points of view:

①Judgment and clinical evaluation from industry leaders and authorities

② Market assessment from suppliers who serve the end-users and are greatly engaged in clinical applications

③ The cautiousness, the financial analysis on input-output ratio and the bottom line thinking for risk control which are essential elements for small and medium-sized enterprises who decide to invest in a project with their own hard-earned money or private equity funds.

Transformation: the project management committee will help carry out the mission of rapid transformation and business model with risk control from three angles:

① Reasonable plans and objectives by period, construction of corresponding channels and distribution teams

②Match efficiently high-level academic tendency with clinical examples

③ Dynamic monitoring of project operation, establishment of legal risk control system such as finance and taxation