• 招聘职位:Sales manager
    发布时间: 2019-04-22

    Operating duty
    1. Be responsible for formulating annual sales plan of products and promoting and implementing sales tasks according to the plan; plan the layout of regional marketing network, grasp market dynamics in real time, and understand relevant industry information; fully understand the company's development and sales strategy, and strive to make sales performance continue to grow healthily and steadily;
    2. Draw up the quarterly and annual business plans of distributors in the region under their responsibility, and dynamically supervise and promote the implementation; formulate corresponding market activities according to the specific development of different distributors, and timely formulate annual contracts with distributors and follow up the progress of contracts;
    3. It is necessary to introduce and communicate the technical points of the products, organize and deal with the series of bidding operations independently, and coordinate the cooperation with users, customer service departments and financial departments of the company.
    4. Submit sales report in time, monitor and pay attention to the sales market situation in the area under responsibility, and put forward pertinent plans and suggestions to superiors in time;
    5. Regular visits and relationship maintenance of key customers and experts, establishment of regional customer files, and good information dissemination and training for distributors in the jurisdiction area;


    1. Bachelor degree or above; 5 years or more experience in medical equipment related industry, preferably with medical background;
    2. Have a good relationship with the relevant functional departments of the third-level hospitals in China, be familiar with the operation rules of the medical industry and the bidding process of large-scale medical equipment;
    3. Strong marketing ability, accurate understanding of medical equipment, product characteristics, application and technical points, clear description, can be responsible for the company's internal and dealer marketing training;
    4. Have strong marketing network and marketing channel development ability, establish good partnership, have a wide range of medical equipment distributor channels;
    5. Identify the corporate culture, be willing to develop with the company, abide by the company's discipline system, and be able to work overtime or travel;
    6. Has a high sense of responsibility and professional ethics, with dedication, dedication, diligence, down-to-earth spirit, can withstand work pressure, no violations of discipline and other bad records;
    7. Strong teamwork ability, good communication skills, good expression and understanding skills;
    8. Strong learning ability and independent ability to analyze and solve problems;

  • 招聘职位:Operation Assistant
    发布时间: 2019-04-22

    Operating duty:
    1. Complete reception tasks for various banquet activities, assist department managers in their work, and implement daily work contents;
    2. Assist department managers to evaluate each task list received, including the type of activities, time of hosting, catering requirements, audiovisual equipment, manpower allocation and other additional equipment, services and requirements, and formulate corresponding layout plans to ensure the smooth progress of the activities;
    3. Check every area every day to ensure that all areas are arranged according to the required time, and that all arrangements meet the banquet service policy requirements;
    4. Responsible for the protection of all business appliances, ensure that all appliances are clean, properly used and stored, do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of equipment, and strive to reduce the loss of materials and appliances;
    5. Familiar with various banquet layout, table design, dishes, drinks and service standards, good communication and cooperation with other departments;


    1. Strong organizational leadership, coordination and practical collaboration skills, and good at communicating with people;
    2. Understand the procedures and standards of conference room rental or space rental services, and be familiar with the design, layout and operation of banquets, cocktail parties, tea parties and conferences;
    3. Strong linguistic and communicative competence, able to communicate effectively with guests;
    4. Familiar with AV equipment knowledge and practical operation experience related to conference affairs;
    5. College degree or above, working experience in hotel banquet hall;
    6. Have certain English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.

  • 招聘职位:Receptionist & Administrative Assistant
    发布时间: 2019-04-22

    Operating duty:
    1. To be responsible for the daily front desk affairs in Faping, such as visitor reception, personnel registration, express delivery, telephone reception and transfer, etc.
    2. Responsible for providing administrative reception to customers and partners in Faping, such as air ticket, hotel, catering booking, travel or shuttle booking, peripheral travel guide, office, rest, meeting guide, etc.
    3. Responsible for administrative logistic support work in Faping, such as banquet hall layout, environmental sanitation maintenance, daily office supplies and business supplies procurement, daily water ordering, etc.
    4. Assist in the daily maintenance of office equipment, conference equipment, audio and simultaneous transmission system in Faping to ensure the normal operation of the platform.
    5. Complete other related tasks assigned by leaders;
    6. Responsible for the work of the company's business center, providing convenient and comprehensive services, providing various types of administrative and commercial services, including receiving customer letters and faxes and receiving and receiving, and timely replies;
    7. Be responsible for accepting conference room appointments, coordinating meeting time, issuing conference announcements and arranging conference rooms.


    1. Front desk work experience of 2 years or more, conference reception and preparation experience;
    2. Excellent organizational and coordinating abilities, able to actively complete the internal logistics support work of the company;
    3. Good at communicating and communicating, good at expressing and understanding;
    4. Simple English or French, foreign affairs experience is better;
    5. Identify the corporate culture, be willing to develop with the company, abide by the company's various disciplines, and work with a positive attitude;
    6. Has a high sense of responsibility and professional ethics, with dedication, dedication, diligence, down-to-earth spirit, can withstand work pressure, good teamwork ability, no violations of discipline and other bad records.
    7. Strong learning ability and independent ability to analyze and solve problems;
    8. Accept temporary overtime;
    9. Skilled in basic office software, such as WORD, EXCEL, PPT, OUTLOOK, etc.
    10. Mature and stable, with business handling ability and service spirit.

  • 招聘职位:French Translator and Business Assistant
    发布时间: 2019-04-22

    Operating duty:
    1. Interpretation in the process of business negotiation and related company, product, technology and academic materials, including all kinds of foreign-related documents and contracts, written translation and proofreading of conference materials, when the company introduces technical products;
    2. To support the relevant departments and company business in French in daily work; to participate in or take charge of academic exchanges and medical summit forums in several areas of company business, including preparations, communication and coordination, reception and accompanying translation during the meeting, simultaneous interpretation, and post-conference information collation and summary.
    3. Participate in the negotiation, liaison and coordination of hospital-to-hospital exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and French hospitals, including the cooperation and implementation between Faping and the associations of international medical societies;
    4. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.


    1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in translation or French, with overseas study experience is preferable;
    2. With French professional certificate and intermediate or advanced interpreting certificate, simultaneous interpreter is better.
    3. Excellent foreign language listening and speaking ability, fluent oral English, profound translation skills, proficiency in Chinese and foreign translation, strong language and text expression ability, excellent Chinese writing;
    4. Good at communication and communication, good expression and understanding skills, team spirit;
    5. Experience in translating medical materials, organizing and coordinating academic conferences, or overseas health tourism guides is preferred.
    6. Has a high sense of responsibility and professional ethics, open-minded personality, good interpersonal skills, good image, familiar with business etiquette, appropriate speech and behavior;
    7. Able to work under pressure, bear hardships and endure hard work, accept overtime work, identify with the corporate culture, no violations and other bad records;
    8. Skilled in basic office software, such as WORD, EXCEL, PPT, OUTLOOK, etc.