On the evening of September 27, 2017, in a bar located in Huaihai Road, Shanghai, with a few friends, we were drinking while a French physicist suggested me to create an innovative parc in Shanghai for Franco-Chinese cooperation in science and technology......

Knowing that in recent years there exist already many science parks or incubators and I am this kind of person who is better at the promotion of innovative technologies and market breakthrough work, obviously this proposal made me fall into meditation, opening a window for my thoughts. Since then, I can’t stop thinking about it...

On November 22, 2017,during an unforgettable event organized by Institute Paoli-Calmettes in Marseille, the idea of creating a project of “accelerator' dedicated to technology transformation suddenly jumped into my mind...

After returning to Shanghai, with a group of energetic, dedicated and down-to-earth people, we were immediately engaged in the realization of the idea. One year after, the France-China Platform for medicine and technology integration and transformation with an area of 1500m² for the first phase is finally located in the center of Shanghai, at Building A, No.1199 Fuxing Road (once called la Route Lafayette), hidden behind the French phoenix trees where the transportation is convenient and all kinds of business are available, atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship can be strongly felt. Besides, the road has a deep historical and cultural accumulation and this famo

The theme of the platform is “cooperation” and “transformation”. “Connector”, “accelerator” and” server” are its functions, aiming at precisely and rapidly matching the innovative results of French/Chinese small and medium sized medical technology enterprises with certain type of market, channels and clinical services. Thus, the value of science, humanities and the development of technology integration can be carried forward through an eco-system, providing more and better solutions for the society, doctors and patients.

Sino-French friendship needs more people to participate in, and more initiatives are needed to bring it forward. Support and help from our friends will be very precious. We hope that through the common and determined efforts of all of us, the France-China Platform can make contribution in a constructive way to the development of Sino-French friendship.



Chairman of Shanghai Boxiao Investment Management Co., LtdFounder of the

France-China Platform

President of Boxiao Foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France

Knight of the Legion of Honour